What to Consider When Sending Gifts to British Expats

We know how difficult it can be to buy gifts for people who seem to have everything, and if they’re living in a different country then the challenge can be even harder. If they’re lucky enough to live abroad in an exciting location, how can you know what would really make a special impression on them? And if you find something, will it be small enough to ship across the world without getting damaged and without costing a fortune?

These are a few things you should consider before buying and sending off your gift:


Food might be something that comes to mind – some homemade goodies possibly or some of their known favourites? The difficulty is that sending food abroad can get very confusing, as the restrictions to what can be sent over are quite complex, and often change for different countries. For instance, food has to be in the original manufacturer’s packaging, can not be perishable in any way (ruling out most homemade treats), can not contain anything alcoholic and has to get through customs, meaning you have to create a detailed invoice of the contents of your package.

Something Personal

It can be hard to think of something that will really make your friend or family member feel special. Think about sending photos and messages that will remind them of home, as even if they seem to have everything, this is the one thing they don’t have!


Another problem is finding something unbreakable to send. Your parcel may take some rough treatment travelling by land, sky, sea, rail or a combination, meaning there are no guarantees your package will arrive in pristine condition. You will need to buy protective packaging, for instance bubble wrap, packing clips, stretch wrap or padded envelopes.


If you are looking to splash out a little bit more, you will need to look at the available compensation for lost items to ensure a refund will be available from the shipping company. There are conditions to receiving compensation and no Consequential Loss cover is available for International services.

We have been in this difficult situation more times than we can remember, so came up with the perfect solution!

Our British Gift Boxes are the solution!

We have a fantastic variety of Gift Boxes to choose from to suit the preferences of your loved ones abroad, whether they be a lover of pub snacks or a sophisticated cream tea. The box can be personalised with a message and photographs, showing the amount of thought you put into the gift.

We have put in extensive research to finding the best value shipping services for locations all over the world, and have ensured our packaging minimises any possible damage. If items are damaged or lost in transit, we will send you a new one or offer a refund as soon as possible.

We want to help you make your expat friends and family feel loved, and give them a taster of all the British treats that they can’t get hold of where they are!

Have a browse through our gift boxes and subscription packages here.

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