Distinctly British Gifts To New Zealand

Looking to send a gift to New Zealand for family, friends or business associates? Look no further! What can be more thoughtful than sending them a small taste of home if they are a Brit in New Zealand or a lover of all things British? Our fun British themed Gift Boxes containing iconic snacks, foods and souvenirs to make anyone smile. Simply choose the Gift Box you want below and your preferred shipping option and we’ll take care of the rest.

Which Gift Boxes Make Good Gifts To New Zealand?

All our Gift Boxes are suitable for sending to New Zealand. New Zealand has a largely temperate climate, although the far north can get subtropical weather during summer (December to February). For shipments to the Auckland region, we would advise checking the weather forecast for the week ahead in summer. If it’s expected to be hot we’d suggest against sending Gift Boxes with a high chocolate component like the Chocoholics Anonymous box to avoid the contents arriving in a poor condition. Our boxes have no means of temperature control. Otherwise, all of our boxes make excellent gifts to New Zealand.


Buying For Yourself In New Zealand

If you are living, working or studying in New Zealand and crave a decent cuppa with a Hobnob, a bar of Cadbury chocolate or some Marmite to spread on your toast, a British Gift Box may be just up your street! Of course you may already have ways of getting your fix of British goodies online or locally. But try British Gift Box for a fun and convenient treat delivered to your door directly from the UK. Every box will tantalise your taste buds, stir the heart and evoke fond memories of home. You can even subscribe for a regular delivery of your favourite boxes…a popular choice for many expats.


Corporate Gifts To New Zealand For Clients & Staff

If you are a British company operating in New Zealand and you occasionally need corporate gifts to commemorate an event, thank clients or recognise staff, our Gift Boxes make charming and quaintly British gifts that your clients and teams are sure to love! If you are planning to send corporate gifts to New Zealand, please do give us a call for any advice. Call us on 0118 380 0209 or email us on [email protected] with your requirements.


Shipping To New Zealand

Sending gifts to New Zealand with British Gift Box is generally straightforward with very few recorded problems. We take great care to arrange the appropriate shipping and complete all export/customs paperwork before your order is dispatched. Your present to New Zealand is normally delivered within 5-14 working days, dependent on the shipping option chosen.

As an island nation, New Zealand is strict about what goods it lets into the country. Food items are allowed in as long as they are non-perishable, ambient and sealed in manufacturers’ packaging. So chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps, snacks and most other goodies that go into our Gift Boxes are fine to send. The exception is pork products which are prohibited for import in all its forms, so where there are any pork-based foods (such as in the Pub Snax, All Day Breakfast and The Full Monty boxes), we will automatically swap out the affected items for a non-pork equivalents. The The NZ Customs Authorities can occasionally stop a parcel to check its contents, and whilst we do provide all the detailed contents information they need in our export paperwork, their inspection processes can delay clearance and delivery by a few days.

New Zealand has a relatively generous import tax threshold set at NZ$1000 (about £510 at current exchange rates). For shipments below this amount, no import duty or tax will be charged by customs. That means your recipient won’t get a nasty surprise of a duty/tax demand to go with the gift on delivery! Larger corporate gift orders over the threshold amount are not exempt and will be charged as appropriate by customs on entry to the country.

For more information on shipping to New Zealand and elsewhere, see the International Shipping page.

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