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Coronavirus: Store Operations & International Deliveries

We have been busier than ever during the pandemic, continuing to send our Gift Boxes to your loved ones across the world despite the challenges.

There have been shortages of some food products in the supply chain as food producers have had to adapt or re-prioritise production. The situation is improving but where one or two items in a Gift Box are not available we will substitute them with similar alternatives where possible. So please be aware that there may be minor variations to the box contents as described.

Lockdowns across the world have started to be eased sporadically but their impact on global logistics will remain for the foreseeable future. With reduced cargo flights, greater cross-border checks and depleted workforces, the global carriers used to ship our parcels across the world are still experiencing significant disruptions to services, especially the postal operators. This means that postal deliveries to most countries are taking longer than normal and the incidents of non-delivery has increased for some countries. Express courier services are less affected but even they are seeing a slight increase in delivery times. It is up to you to check the latest status for the country you wish to ship to.

As our carriers cannot guarantee that your parcel will be delivered or delivered on time should they encounter disruptions en route, any orders you place whilst the pandemic is still in force assumes you understand and accept these risks. In these (Force Majeure) events that are outside our control, we will not be able to provide a refund or any compensation where they occur.

Despite the ongoing challenges, we will do everything we can to make sure you can still send some home comforts to loved ones abroad at a time when they may need it most.


A number of countries have significant backlogs of mail and parcels to process, including Canada and New Zealand, and you should expect to see delivery delays to these countries for some weeks to come. See further information from carriers and for specific countries in the following useful links:

Royal Mail International Incident Bulletin

DPD Service Updates


Last updated: 21st July 2020

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