• 12 Nov
    Last Order Dates For Christmas Delivery 2021 Last Order Dates for Christmas Delivery Overseas

    For Christmas 2021, delivery times to some overseas destinations are still longer than normal with COVID-19 still causing disruptions to global flights and carrier services. We’d suggest customers order as early as possible to give every chance for your Gift Box

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  • 20 Nov
    Christmas Abroad in a Pandemic

    With an estimated 5 million Brits living abroad, Christmas is the one time of year when many yearn to reunite with loved ones, either with a pilgrimage back home to the UK or having the folks from home descend on

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  • 28 Oct
    Royal Mail International Parcel Prices to US Rockets

    The cost of sending parcels to the US by Royal mail rose dramatically over the summer. The combination of COVID-19 international flight restrictions and changes in US policies on postal rates for incoming mail combined to create a worrying precedent

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  • 20 Mar
    COVID-19: Store Operations & International Deliveries

    Adapting to the "new normal" post-COVID After a tumultuous and challenging two years for many small businesses, including ourselves here at British Gift Box, COVID-19 restrictions have thankfully been lifted in the UK and across most of the world. We

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