Where do you deliver?

We deliver to over 200 countries Worldwide from the UK. Use the Shipping Calculator at checkout to confirm if we deliver to your chosen Country. There are a few countries that we do not ship to where the chances of successful delivery are low (e.g. countries in war zones, under international sanctions, that have no secure delivery infrastructure, etc) – these countries will not appear on the dropdown menu in the Shipping Calculator. Our couriers cannot deliver to PO Box addresses due to a signature being required. We offer a number of postal and courier shipping options dependent on parcel weight and volume to suit all budgets and service requirements.

Please note, whilst we will accept orders for shipment to all the countries listed, shipping a Gift Box to some countries can be more problematic than others! The common destinations that most of our customers send Gift Boxes to (like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and most of western Europe) have well-developed customs procedures for goods coming into their countries and good local distribution networks to ensure your shipment is normally delivered fairly quickly and efficiently to your recipient. However, there are still many countries that have less developed logistics infrastructure and practices (e.g. overly strict customs procedures, poor transport links/local distribution networks/security, etc) which can interrupt, slow or even lose parcels during the shipment process. We have already excluded the worst known ones but many countries on the list in parts of Latin/South America, Africa, Asia and even parts of Eastern and Southern Europe fall into this category. Should you wish to send a Gift Box to one of these countries, you should be aware of the risks, a greater potential for issues to arise during the shipment process and build in additional time if appropriate to allow your Box to be delivered for when you want.