Will my subscription auto-renew?

All continuous subscriptions will auto-renew according to the delivery frequency you picked. It will renew every time a Box is scheduled for delivery, at which point payment is taken and you will receive a renewal order confirmation. You can cancel your subscription at any time (a temporary pause function allowing skipping of deliveries instead of permanent cancellation will also be available soon).

For fixed-term (3 month/6 month/12 month) subscriptions, auto-renewal will also apply in accordance to your delivery frequency but only within the duration of the fixed-term. We will not auto-renewal when it reaches the end of the term. Instead, we will send you a reminder email when the last Subscription Box has been dispatched in the fixed term to ask if you want to renew your subscription for another term or continuously. For customers who give a fixed-term subscription as a gift, the reminder email will also be sent to the recipient should they wish to continue to receive regular boxes and to take over the subscription themselves.