What is British Gift Box?

British Gift Boxes are a range of quintessentially British themed gift boxes containing snacks, food and souvenirs designed to deliver a small taste of Blighty to expats and anglophiles in all corners of the world. They are a celebration of all that is great about home!

British Gift Boxes were conceived as meaningful and heartfelt gifting solutions for Brits with loved ones living overseas. They can of course also be a convenient, evocative and fun solution for expats looking for a treat from home themselves.

What are the gift options with British Gift Box?

You can send a specific box from our range of themed gift boxes as a one-time gift, or you can buy a highly customisable subscription for regular deliveries of gift boxes of your choice to your loved ones. The third option is to send them a Gift Card with a gift voucher amount of your choosing for them to buy or subscribe to a British Gift Box themselves.

Are gifts personalisable in any way?

Absolutely! All gift options are personalisable. Gift boxes include a message up to 200 characters. Your message will be handwritten on a gift card and included in the gift box. For an extra special touch, there is a paid option to upload photos for us to print out for inclusion in the gift box – your loved ones will be thrilled to get a heart-warming gift, and touched by the latest photos of family and friends back home. Photos are printed out on 6 x 4 inch photo paper. Personalisation can be added at the check-out stage of ordering. Gift Cards containing the gift voucher code for redemption will be sent electronically to your recipient and can include a personal message for your loved one.

What if I am buying for myself?

No problem at all! You can also buy any box from our range of themed gift boxes as a one-time purchase or you can subscribe to our Subscription Box for regular deliveries of treats from home. Even if you only buy a single gift box to give it a try, we hope that once you have experienced the joy of your first gift box that you will come back for more, or better yet, sign up for a Subscription Box.

How does the subscription work?

Our Subscription Box is based on a subscription to our wonderfully nostalgic range of Nibbles Boxes. Our Subscription Box plan is highly customisable so you decide how long you want the subscription for, how frequently you want a Box delivered and what Nibbles Boxes you want to include. It is also flexible and easy to manage from your online account on our website – change address, payment details and even cancel any time (skip a cycle and upgrade functionality also coming soon).

Will my subscription auto-renew?

All continuous subscriptions will auto-renew according to the delivery frequency you picked. It will renew every time a Box is scheduled for delivery, at which point payment is taken and you will receive a renewal order confirmation. You can cancel your subscription at any time (a temporary pause function allowing skipping of deliveries instead of permanent cancellation will also be available soon).

For fixed-term (3 month/6 month/12 month) subscriptions, auto-renewal will also apply in accordance to your delivery frequency but only within the duration of the fixed-term. We will not auto-renewal when it reaches the end of the term. Instead, we will send you a reminder email when the last Subscription Box has been dispatched in the fixed term to ask if you want to renew your subscription for another term or continuously. For customers who give a fixed-term subscription as a gift, the reminder email will also be sent to the recipient should they wish to continue to receive regular boxes and to take over the subscription themselves.

Can I upgrade for a bigger gift box that’s not in the Nibbles Box range?

This functionality is coming soon….we are working on enabling ad hoc upgrades to our bigger Nosh or Gastronomy Boxes at any time during a subscription to give subscribers even more choice and flexibility. Watch this space!

How do I skip my box for next month?

This functionality is coming soon….we are working on the facility to allow subscribers to skip a scheduled delivery for when they need a bit of a break for whatever reason. We’ll keep you posted!

How do I update my subscription details or cancel my subscription?

To manage or cancel your subscription simply login to your Account and click on ‘subscriptions’ on the menu on the left. Chose the relevant subscription where you can then edit your shipping address and payment details.

Subscription renewals can also be cancelled at any time. If you’ve already been billed for a renewal, all boxes in that cycle will be shipped and your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle. To cancel, click the “Cancel” button. Please make sure to let us know via our contact form why you are cancelling as we are always looking at how we can improve our products. Please note that you are cancelling all renewals and not previous orders.

How do I redeem a British Gift Box voucher?

Congratulations! Someone must really care about you to have sent you a British Gift Box Gift Card! Redeeming your gift is easy. Visit our website and select your choice of British Gift Box or a subscription for regular boxes. When you are ready to order, go to the shopping basket and enter the coupon code that came with your Gift Card to redeem it against the value of your order.