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A Lovely Review from a Gift Box Purchase

British Gift Boxes

It is always fantastic to hear from our customers that they really rate our services. This thank you note from a happy customer really made us smile, so we thought we would share it here!

Hi Team,

It’s not often I feel compelled to write something outside of a review, however I really wanted to say thanks for my recent order.

This was a present for someone at work in the US who is leaving our company and they are absolutely thrilled with their box of UK goodies.

In a world of online shopping dominated by people like Amazon, it’s so refreshing to deal with a small, family run company who go the extra mile and notice the little things.

After ordering the gift boxes, you noticed that I hadn’t completed a gift card which I had completely forgot about. Having that little reminder and being able to react quickly is not something others would do in my experience.

There was also something else really minor, however showed that you pay attention to customer service. My order and billing details had my name as Christopher as that is what is on my bank card, so you sent your first e-mail addressing me as Christopher. After you let me know about the missing gift card I responded with the name Chris. (Christopher is like being told off by your mum.) From then on your e-mails to me had my name as Chris. It’s such a small thing, however its the little things like that which really make a difference.

Well done to you all.




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