British Gift Box: Mission To Unite

Our mission at British Gift Box is to connect people, sustain relationships across countries and continents and bring a bit of British joy to the world. Our business is really just about giving you a convenient yet heartfelt opportunity to send a variety of quintessentially British products overseas, to give someone the taste of home and to genuinely touch them, making them smile. Show your love and affection through a box of nostalgic favourites, from Hobnobs to Jelly Babies to Yorkshire Tea to Twiglets.

Whether that person is a friend, family member, an employee or just yourself as an expat wanting a treat, our boxes of goodies are perfect for anyone who is missing the comforts of home and can’t easily get hold of their British favourites. We also know that a personal touch to any gift is essential, so offer personal messages and printed photos to go alongside our boxes.

We undertook extensive research to understand what it was that people missed the most from home and have designed a number of attractive themed Gift Boxes that people would love (there is something for everyone!). We purchase the products for our Gift Boxes to order to ensure maximum freshness and product life for you to savour. Our Boxes are also practical for postage and offer the best shipping prices possible to get them anywhere in the world! We want to make gift giving easy and convenient, whilst still keeping the evocative, sentimental and personal touches that all gifts should have.

Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving, so we offer a subscription service to our range of Nibbles Boxes at a frequency that you choose – every month, 2 months or quarter. Let your friend or family member know you are thinking of them regularly, or if ordering the boxes for yourself, have the convenience of a box appearing at your door as often as you like! If you’re not sure which box to buy for someone, you can simply buy them a Gift Card voucher, so that they can choose the box that includes all their favourites.

Our team are passionate about making gift giving a great experience for both the giver and receiver. We focus on creating gift boxes that are personal, unique and most importantly delicious, that can be purchased in a convenient, quick and affordable manner.

Check out our gift boxes or find out more about British Gift Box. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions.

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