Will the recipient have to pay extra costs when the box reaches customs in their country?

When your Gift Box first lands in the destination country, the Customs authorities there may assess the shipment for liability to any local Customs duty and taxes in that country. Many popular destination countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore have sensible import thresholds of a few hundred pounds below which no import duty or taxes will be charged, so there is nothing extra to pay by you or your recipient.

However, some countries do have ungenerously low or even no thresholds to exempt imports from local duty and taxes, which may mean that your shipment may be faced with a Customs charge before it can be cleared for final delivery. As every country has its own Customs regulations and they change all the time, it is highly recommended that you check the local Customs restrictions before placing your order, just to ensure that none of the products in our Boxes are prohibited for import into that country and that you are aware of any potential extra charges which may be incurred. Where any duty or tax is assessed as being due by Customs, the parcel recipient will be responsible for paying it. British Gift Box has no control over these charges and cannot predict their amount, and as such, is not responsible for paying any such charges. This is one of the reasons why we no longer ship to EU countries post Brexit as their lack of reasonable thresholds to exempt the modest value of our Gift Boxes means that EU-based recipients are generally faced with a tax charge accompanying their gift, which isn’t a great experience!

We have a section in our International Shipping page that covers the basics of what you need to know about Customs Duty & Tax Charges and highlights some country-specific issues that you may find useful before placing an order.